Accelerate your GraphQL powered app and save on hosting.

Caching GraphQL queries on the edge is no easy task, which is why we built FastQL. The only CDN built specifically for GraphQL applications.

POST /graphql

{ posts { ... }}

POST /graphql

query Navigation {
  categories { ... }

POST /graphql

mutation CreatePost(...) { ... }

POST /graphql

query homepage {
  allPosts { ... }
  trending { ... }
Partial Cache

Smart Edge Caching

FastQL is not just a CDN, it inspects your GraphQL queries to understand whether it should be cached or passed through to your backend.

Skip Caching for Mutations

We know the difference between a query and a mutation, and will automatically pass through mutations to your servers.

Smart Invalidation, Never Stale

FastQL is the first CDN to understand what data objects are in your API results, so we can automatically purge things as they get stale. See How It Works.

No Coding Required

No need to customize and deploy code to the edge, simply supply the URL for your GraphQL endpoint and you'll have a global distribution network powering your API.

Works with any standard GraphQL server out of the box.

Global Delivery Network

Reduce latency around the globe by serving your users from a data center near them.

FastQL has servers in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

Partial Query Caching

The beauty of GraphQL is the ability to combine multiple queries in one request. FastQL can cache individual parts of the query, taking some of the load off your backend.

Get Started
Compound Query
query ArticlePage($slug: String!) {

  # Article hasn't been updated and is cached
  article: Article(slug: $slug) {

  # Latest articles widget updates often
  # so it is invalidated separately
  latestArticles {


No Server
Changes Required

FastQL works with your existing GraphQL backend without any modifications and can be installed in minutes.

Sign up for a free account

You can get started on the free plan with no credit card required.


Provide current GraphQL endpoint

Configuration is as simple as providing us with the GraphQL origin URL. You can also specify other options, like default TTL for your cache.


Update the URL in your client side code

Update the URL you pass to Apollo or any other GraphQL client to FastQL's servers, and you'll notice quicker load times and lower server costs.